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Do Water Births Really Ease The Pain?

When it comes to giving birth you may be one of those women who are exploring alternative forms of delivery, such as water births. In case you did not know, a water birth is when you are submerged in a specially designed pool or tub filled with warm water. If you are considering a water birth, you may be wondering if it really does ease the pain of labor and delivery, and you can decide for your self after you read this article.

Water births are nothing new, although it is considered and alternative form of delivery. In fact, water birthing dates all the way back to the 1800’s. You have probably used a warm shower or bath to help ease the pains associated with being pregnant. There is nothing more relaxing than having warm water run over your aching back or soaking your body in a warm bath. This is one way water births can ease the pain of labor and delivery. When you are submerged in warm water, you tend to be more relaxed. This, in turn, will reduce how much pain you feel, as you are relaxed.

Not only will water births relax your muscles, but it is also stated that being submerged in warm water increases your blood flow while slowing down your pulse. This too will help keep you relaxed and help to not feel as much pain. Water births are similar in other forms of birthing that teach you how to breath and keep yourself relaxed as you are able to reduce pain and anxiety.

Water births help in other ways besides keeping you relaxed as being submerged takes a lot of the weight off of your back and stomach. As some women have back and stomach labor pains, this is especially helpful. You will become more buoyant in the water, hence, you do not feel as much pressure from the extra weight of your baby and you will not feel the contractions as much. You may be able to relax enough that you will dilate and deliver your baby faster than you would otherwise.

Not only will a water birth help alleviate the physical pain of labor and delivery; it can also ease the mental stress or anxiety of it. Most birthing pools and/or tubs are specifically made so that you and your partner can sit in it. This means that your partner can be more involved in the birth of your child while being supportive of you. It is also stated that water births are a less intrusive way for your baby to be born, as he/she will glide into an atmosphere very similar to the womb.

One other way water births can ease the pain of labor and delivery is by giving you the opportunity to have the birthing experience at home. Although maternity wards at hospitals have a warm atmosphere, it is still a hospital. Having a water birth at home, with a trained professional, can ease the pain and anxiety of being in an unfamiliar environment.

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