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Natural Childbirth can promote your Baby’s Health

If you are like some women, the thought of a natural childbirth is both terrifying and alluring. It all starts when a woman is thinking about becoming, or is already, pregnant, as this is the beginning of when the health of her child becomes the main concern. This is true for most any women, including you. The child growing inside you becomes the most important thing and you are probably concerned about how the delivery will affect you and your child. Although the thought of a natural childbirth is intimidating in some ways, it can actually help to promote your baby’s health.

One of the first ways that a natural childbirth can promote your baby’s health is allowing your newborn to see and feel on their own as soon as he/she is born. This means that your “maternal bonding” has a kick-start because you are able to see your baby right away. Moreover, when you bond immediately with your child, there is a higher rate of successful breastfeeding. Without the presence of drugs in both you and your baby, there is no need for a recovery time, meaning your baby can start feeding sooner. Some doctors believe that any delay in breastfeeding can cause your baby to have problems with learning how to latch on.

Another way natural childbirth promotes your baby’s health is that the drugs will not affect the baby. Even with minimal medications, it will still get into your baby’s bloodstream. The drugs may not have any affect on your baby, but if possible, it is better not to take the risk. Some medications can slow down the labor process as well. This means your baby is going through the stress of labor for the same length of time as you are. In addition, it is said that babies who are born naturally tend to be more alert and active.

Natural childbirth will also help you be healthier. If you were to have any type of medical intervention, it could have an affect on your labor process and your baby. Some medications slow down both of your respirations, which, in turn, mean your baby is getting less oxygen. Therefore, having a natural childbirth ensures, unless complications arise, you have the best possibility of having a healthy baby.

Studies have shown that the endorphins you release during a labor and delivery can actually reach your baby through its umbilical cord and later help your baby during growth. In addition, natural childbirth means that no medical tools or medications were used; hence, there is a lower risk of impairment for your baby. This means that there is less of a possibility that anything will be physically or mentally wrong with your baby.

A natural childbirth can promote your baby’s health, but it is always wise to get your doctor or midwifes advice first. As all women are created to labor and give birth naturally, sometimes it just is not possible. Giving birth naturally can promote your baby’s health if you have the “ok” from your doctors.

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