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Hypnosis as an Alternative to the Epidural

In today’s world, alternative pain management techniques such as hypnosis childbirths are becoming ever popular. Many women are more of aware of how many medical interventions carry a risk of affecting their baby. Hypnosis childbirths are an alternative to using an epidural. It is important to have a birthing plan and if that plan involves hypnosis, then you should learn all you can about hypnosis childbirths and how it is used as an alternative to the epidural.

The general philosophy behind hypnosis childbirths is learning how to distract your self from the pain of labor instead of using an epidural. This takes a lot of practice to master; therefore, you may want to start taking classes and learning hypnosis as early on in pregnancy as possible. There are many classes, books, DVD’s, and tapes available to teach you about hypnosis childbirths.

Still wondering how hypnosis during childbirth is an effective tool that is an alternative to the epidural, well read on, as you are about to find out. Hypnosis is very similar in its goal as Lamaze or Bradley childbirths, in that you are teaching your self how to relax your body. Hypnosis during childbirth makes use of visualizing yourself in a calm place, while practicing breathing techniques. This will help distract your mind and body from the pains of labor, henceforth relaxing your body.

As you learn about hypnosis childbirths, you will see that there are tapes and visualization techniques for each part or stage of labor. As you focus on your breathing and visualize your calm place, your body starts to relax. This, in turn, relaxes your uterus and helps it as you are focusing your mind on something other than labor pains, helping to alleviate the pain instead of using an epidural to help alleviate the pain. Some of the most popular visualizations include a “flower opening slowly” and the “pull of ocean waves” during contractions.

Another reason that hypnosis during labor is becoming more popular as it eases the mental stress and anxiety that come with childbirth. The birth of your child is a beautiful time, but, during the labor process, you can become emotional and anxious. These feelings are completely natural because this is one of the hardest things your body can go through, both physically and emotionally. Hypnosis will help relax your body and mind because you are focusing on calm places and breathing. This will also help calm your mind and help you to be less anxious.

Hypnosis childbirths is a great alternative to the epidural as it helps to calm your fears and anxieties, while easing the pains of labor. Moreover, you will have the satisfaction of having a natural childbirth and being completely able to experience and remember all aspects of your child being born. Remember though, in order for this alternative birthing method to be an effective pain reliever, you must start practicing hypnosis and breathing exercises as early in pregnancy as possible.

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