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6 Ways to Ensure a Stress Free Labor

For nine months, you have endured the hormone changes, morning sickness, and body aches, now you are going through labor. Labor is one of the most intensive things that will probably happen to you; hence you should know how to make it as stress free as possible. The following list is 10 ways to ensure a stress free labor:

  1. Exercise!! You need to exercise during your pregnancy, unless your doctor says otherwise, to ensure you body is healthy enough to handle labor and delivery. If you exercise during your pregnancy, when you finally do go into labor, you will be physically ready to handle it. This cuts down on the stress because you know that you are physically capable of going through labor and birth.

  2. Prepare your self for the pain: Most of your stress will probably be from anticipating going through labor, and not the actual process. In order to ensure a stress free labor, you must prepare yourself for it. This could be taking birthing classes or just getting used to the idea that you will be uncomfortable. IF your mind is prepared for labor, then going through labor can be stress free.

  3. Create a birthing plan: Before going into to labor you should come up with a birthing plan. This includes if you want any medications, what your doctor or midwife should do incase of an emergency, who you want in the delivery room, and if you want to nurse your baby. You can have a stress free labor if you have a general idea of what may happen when going through labor.

  4. Visit the hospital or birthing center: Unless you are having a home delivery, it is wise to visit the hospital or birthing center where you will have your baby before going into labor. You will be more comfortable if you know what the hospital or birthing center looks like; hence, your labor will be more stress free.

  5. Ask questions: when you visit the facility where you are planning on having your baby, ask questions. See what the maternity wards procedures are; ask how long you will be with your baby before the hospital takes him/her to be weighed or if they even have to take your baby after delivery. Knowing what can happen after going into labor and delivering your baby will alleviate a lot of stress during labor.

  6. Having good prenatal care before going through labor will help give you a stress free labor. If you have good prenatal care, you are aware of everything that is happening to you and you know how your unborn baby is doing. Knowing that you and your baby are healthy is a great way to ensure a stress free labor as you will know that going through labor will produce a healthy baby.

Going through labor will be painful and can be stressful, unless you know how to create a stress free atmosphere. Just keeping yourself informed about your pregnancy and being prepared for labor is one of the best ways to ensure a stress free labor.

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