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How Do I Know If My Contractions Have Started

As you may know, contraction pains are the worse part of labor. The worse part about contraction pains is that you keep asking your self how I know if my contractions have started. In this article, you will learn about contraction pains and how you will know when your contractions have started.

When you are using the word contraction pains in relationship to obstetrics, you will find that it is used to describe a very forceful and painful motion. This painful motion is used to describe the motion the uterus makes during childbirth. Contractions as well as labor in general are known to release the hormone known as oxytocin into your body. Prior to the time that women go into labor, they are known to experience Braxton Hicks contraction pains which are sometimes referred to as false labor.

During menstruation, the uterus also contracts then. It is these pains that may leave you uncomfortable or in severe pain. However, the contractions that you have when you are going through menstruation are totally different from the contractions that you have when you are delivering a baby. The longer and harder the contraction pains get the more the woman that is having them is going to want to push. As the woman pushes on each individual contraction, the labor actually intensifies and then becomes longer.

There are many things that can make you feel like you are beginning to have contractions however many of them are false signs. You will know that you are having contractions when you are hurting really bad in your lower back. Most of the time, women who are having contractions hurt in their lower back. These types of contractions are known as back contractions which cannot be picked up on the stress test.

The second sign that you are having contraction pains is if you are hurting in the lower part of your vagina. What this means is that your cervix is dilating and the baby is passing into the birth canal. You will know when this comes on because you want even be able to barely walk. You may have to get someone to carry you wherever you go.

You will also know when your contraction pains have started because you will start feeling tingling in your legs. Once your contractions have started, your legs are going to feel like they are asleep. If you reach this point, you know that you better get on your way to the hospital right away because it wants be long.

If you want to know more about contraction pains, your doctor will be more than happy to go over that information with you. In fact, your doctor will tell you to come by the office and get checked out anytime that you are uncertain about something. Remember, no questions are too little or too repetitive, when it comes to asking your doctor questions, you need to be aware that it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have any doubt in your mind, go to the hospital or doctors office as soon as you can.

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