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Bradley vs. Lamaze: Which is better For You?

It is more than likely that at some point in your pregnancy, you have wondered about the birthing process or childbirth techniques. It is natural to be curious and even be a little scared about childbirth; this is why it is important to come up with a birthing plan before the onset of labor. If you have completed any research, talked to your midwife or doctor, then you may have heard about the following two natural approaches to childbirth: Bradley and Lamaze. You may be wondering which birthing technique is better for you, but no one can answer that question better than you after you have discussed it with your midwife or doctor. As you read on, you will learn about these two childbirth techniques in the context of Bradley vs. Lamaze: Which is better for you?

Lamaze one of the more popular childbirth techniques, and may be better known than the Bradley technique, as it is the most often used. The Lamaze childbirth technique is one that teaches that childbirth is “natural, normal, and healthy” through many different techniques that is supposed to build a woman’s confidence. The most popular technique taught with Lamaze is breathing, but this is not the only thing taught. If you attend Lamaze classes you will be taught how to cope with the childbirth process, how your partner can help and encourage you, how to focus your breathing, and so on. The main difference between Lamaze and Bradley childbirth techniques are that Lamaze does allow for pain medications such as epidurals. Lamaze is intended to give women the power of mind to handle labor, childbirth, and the postpartum period with confidence, meaning, you will have the knowledge needed to prepare yourself for and handle the birth of your child.

On the other hand, Bradley is one of the childbirth techniques that teach that, if you prepare yourself effectively, then you will be able to handle labor and the child birthing process without any medications or interventions because childbirth is a natural process. Bradley childbirth classes are usually more intense then other childbirth classes as the philosophy behind this technique is that it takes months to effectively prepare for childbirth. Bradley childbirth classes include learning how to deeply relax yourself and how your partner can be an effective coach. Generally, women who use the Bradley childbirth techniques do not use any type of pain management during labor and childbirth.

The question that lies before you now is which is better for you, Bradley or Lamaze? The answer to this question really is up to you and your doctor, as if you are having a complicated pregnancy, you may need to plan on other types of childbirth techniques, including types of pain management and even the possibility of a c-section. Generally, though, if you have had a healthy pregnancy, both the Lamaze and the Bradley childbirth techniques can be good for you. It all depends on how much pain you can handle and if breathing and relaxation will help you through the process.

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