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Preparing For Your Scheduled C-Section

When you are preparing for your scheduled c-section you should be aware of what a caesarian section is and its place in your birthing plan. A caesarian section, also referred to as a c-section, is a term used to describe the actual delivery of a baby. The delivery is done through a surgical incision made in the mother’s abdomen and into the uterus. There are certain circumstances in which there will be times that a c-section is going to be scheduled in advance. There are other times that a caesarian section is done because of an unforeseen complication.

A caesarian section may not seem to be a serious procedure, but it is a very serious abdominal surgery that requires a great deal of consideration. That is the main reason that it is considered to be more dangerous then a vaginal delivery. The mothers that choose to have a c-section are most likely to develop an infection or either excess bleeding not to mention blood clots can also form. Other situations that could accompany a c-section include a longer stay at the hospital and most women face a great deal of postpartum pain. Even though it is not as common any longer, you can also have injuries to the bladder as well as the bowel.

If this is not your first child, each time you have another caesarian section, the more likely you are to have complications with your future pregnancies. Such complications include placenta previa as well as placenta accretes. Having told you that information that is exactly why some of the c-sections can not and should not be prevented. There are many situations in which a caesarian section is necessary to guarantee the well being of the mother as well as the baby and sometimes both.

Why would any woman choose to have a planned caesarian section? There are times that it is going to be very clear that a woman that is pregnant is going to need to have a c-section even before it is time for her to actually go into labor. Some of the conditions that may lead to a c-section are as follows:

  1. You would have to have a c-section regardless is if you have had a previous c-section that has a classical incision. You may also have to have a c-section regardless, if you have had more than one child delivered by c-section.

  2. You may have a c-section regardless would be if you have had the some type of invasive uterine surgery which is known as myomectomy.

  3. You may have to c-section if you are going to have a multiple birth.

  4. You may have a c-section if your doctor has advised you will be delivering a really large baby.

  5. You may have to have a c-section is that your baby is breech as time is of the essence to get the baby out quickly.

  6. You may have to have a c-section if your baby already has a known illness which will not allow it to be born through a vaginal delivery.

Caesarian sections can be a really scary thought however if you concentrate on preparing for your scheduled c-section, you want have a problem in the world.

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