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Is My Baby Developing Normally?

There comes a time when all mothers and fathers wonder whether their baby is following the guidelines set out for normal baby development. Some things that happen in baby development stages can be sooner or later, but is entirely based upon your baby and how they chose to develop. It does not mean that you baby is advanced or delayed it is just how it happens.

You have gone through the pregnancy and now have given birth. You think about when your baby will be talking or walking and when to start them on solid food. Do not be concerned if your baby does not develop exactly according to most baby development websites. If you have, specific concerns consult your pediatrician.

Baby's first year is important on the stage of baby development. Areas of growth range from muscle control to the development of the psyche. The first twelve month will be the time your child starts to walk, understands objects, and begins teething.

The first few months your baby will change a lot. Newborns lack the ability to hold up their heads because their neck muscles have not developed yet. It will take several weeks before this happens. It is extremely important that an infant’s head and neck be supported properly. To do this, place one hand underneath the head, neck and shoulders for best support. By the end of the first three months of this baby development stage, your baby will be able to lift their chest and head off the floor. You will also start to notice at this baby development stage that your baby will start to follow you and other objects with their eyes and may start smiling. Infants tend to have a fascination about their hands and will be entertained for hours just looking at them.

Infants are hungry when they appear restless, fussy or begin to smack their lips. Crying could also be another indication. Babies are full when they close their lips, turn away or fall asleep.

Between four and six month’s of baby development your baby will start putting items into their mouths. This is a good time to start childproofing your home. They will also start teething during these months however some do not get their first teeth until seven months old. You baby will start to reach for toys and start rolling over and positioning themselves. The fifth month babies can sit for short periods with help. They respond to their name and cry when mom or dad leaves the room. Six month some babies start getting into the crawling position or get up on all fours and rock back and forth. At 6 month, babies will begin to play with their feet and always pull their socks off. They will pick up objects like toys and enjoy clearing a table. At four or five months babies will also start to babble and start to reach up to mom and dad when they want picked up. At six months, you can start introducing solid fool such as infant rice cereal or strained fruits and vegetables.

These are just a few guidelines to baby development for one to six months. If you would like to know more there are, several websites are dedicated to baby development.

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